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PRIME VIEWS uPVC Windows & Doors aims to do this by sourcing the highest quality raw materials and employing cutting-edge production procedures overseen by top-tier experts to ensure best practices.

PRIME VIEWS offers two series of products: Project Secries and Premium Series. You can choose the series that is best suited to your needs based on the aperture size, insulation requirements, wind load, aesthetic value, and design specifications.

At the most competitive pricing on the industry, we guarantee zero fault items. Our main goal is to provide world-class quality and service that meets all of our clients' expectations, and our objective is to build long-term partnerships with them.

Sliding Windows

  • Frame Sizes
    • 2 Track: 60 Series
    • 2.5 Track: 80/90/92/95 Series
    • 3 Track: 110/112 Series

Casement Windows

  • Frame Sizes
    • Outer Frame: 60 Series

Fixed Facade Windows

  • Frame Sizes
    • Outer Frame: 60 Series

French Doors

  • Frame Sizes
    • Outer Frame: 90/95/110/112 Series

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